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The wheel hubs of my new Volkswagen Scirocco are rusting - how do I stand on this issue?

In May this year I purchased a new Volkswagen Scirocco costing £23,000. My present mileage is 2,000 and my problem is traces of rust appearing on the ‘drums’ between the brake discs of all four alloy wheels. On speaking to the Service Manager at the garage where the car was purchased, I was advised that this was not covered by the three-year warranty that I was given at the time of purchase. But, as a goodwill gesture, they have offered to clean off the rust and treat the areas in question. How do I stand on this issue, considering that we have not had any really poor weather conditions since purchasing the car? I am concerned that if we have another serious winter the condition of the wheels will worsen.

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It's normal for lightly painted iron hubs to rust in an unsightly way. You can stop this by having them treated and painted with Sperex VHT (‘Very High Temperature’) paint. BMW dealers have done exactly this for customers before. No reason why your Volkswagen dealer shouldn’t.
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