Why is Volkswagen burying its head over the ATE Teves module fault, and is my 2008 Golf likely to suffer failure?

Earlier this year you ran a reply about the numerous failures of the ATE Teves Mk 60 ABS/ESP module. As I own a 2008 Volkswagen Golf Plus I was quite concerned that I could suffer one of the failures you highlighted. At the moment I am in warranty but my main concern was a failure outside warranty when I would be expected to pay for a known fault. With this in mind I wrote to Volkswagen Customer Service expressing my concerns about this known fault and what they would be prepared to do should mine fail. I was astonished when they replied denying any knowledge of these failures.

I had much correspondence with them, pointing out the many references on the internet about it and also pointing out that the dealer who supplied the car had checked mine out, found it to be one of the suspect ones and he confirmed there had been above average failures on this unit. Back to Volkswagen I went again, pointing all this out, and the "standard" reply again was of denial and that each case would be viewed on its merits outside warranty.

The final insult from "Customer Service" was that, after my final letter, their reply stated that they were closing the matter and no reply would be given to me in the event of any subsequent correspondence. What arrogance to say that to a customer pursuing a legitimate concern for a fault they are burying their heads in the sands over.

Asked on 10 October 2010 by EP, via email

Answered by Honest John
That is completely ridiculous and utterly misleading. At least 150 such cases have gone through me alone. The email is volkswagencustomercare@volkswagen.co.uk. Get nowhere with them, or if it's going to cost more than £600, do what BMW does and use www.ecutesting.co.uk or www.sinspeed.co.uk.

They charge £350 to rebuild the module, but removal and refitting is extra. That said, I have not heard of it on a 2008, even of being rectified completely FOC under the new warranty. I think ATE Teves had found and fixed the problem pressure sensor by the time your car was built.
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