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What's your view on left-foot braking when driving an automatic?

For many years I have driven automatic cars and have always used my left foot for braking, I understand that you recently published an item on which foot to use. As I must have been away, I missed that publication in the Daily Telegraph which covered the safety aspect when braking in automatic cars. I have recently been told that most people use their right foot for braking as well as the accelerator. What's your view?

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I agree with you: two feet, two pedals. What could be more logical? And what could be more illogical than using one foot for two pedals, leaving the other foot entirely redundant? So I harangue those readers who, because their brain and foot coordination is not sufficiently developed, assume everyone else is similarly afflicted. If you can do it, do it, especially while manoeuvring. If you can't do it, at least learn to do it while manoeuvring where it could save as many as 100 lives a year, and nearly always people near and dear to the driver.
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