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Help for someone buying a car to use in Spain

I have just retired and am spending a few months of the year in Spain, where we have a flat (near Barcelona). I would like to buy a car to leave there to be able to travel around more to explore the country.

What is the best way of approaching this, and specifically are there the equivalent of Glass's Guide and Internet car dealing sites? I do have some Spanish. I could buy new, or preferably 2/3 years old.

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First of all you better check with your assessor that you are allowed to
'own' a car in Spain. In January 2009 they passed a law that you were only allowed to own a car in Spain if you were resident for tax purposes on your worldwide income. This may have been repealed.

More on that from Brian Deller at The Barcelona area does have some supersites, which you can find by Googling.

And yes, there is a news stand paperback size consumer price guide (like Parkers) called 'Guia de Comprar y Vendir d'Automovil', or something like that. And it contains ads for car supersites. Buying is much more difficult in the south where the horse-traders have a stranglehold on the trade and auctions are trade only.
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