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I was driving home to Ewhurst in Surrey where I live, travelling along the A3, when I noticed a cop using a hairdryer type speed gun. I thought no more of it until I got a letter saying I was to be served with a intention of prosecution for travelling at 25mph. I laughed because I was doing about 70mph. I subsequently phoned the police at Guildford and, to my horror, I was told it must be a typing error and they would send out the correct paper work in due course. They allege I was travelling at a 100mph, which is garbage. Can they legally do this? Apparently some dozy person made a howler when preparing the paperwork. Can the police get out of this so easily?

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Keep all original documentation and take the matter to court alleging that if the police got it so badly wrong in the first place, how could their 'evidence' of 100mph be trusted? I think they'll realise they have made fools of themselves and will drop it. Depending on what car you have, the engine revs and speeds it has been doing may be stored in the ECU. Check with the dealer.
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