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I was interested in your recent reply about left foot braking. If you learn to drive on an automatic that way and never drive a manual, or for that matter vice versa, I don't see a problem. But if you change, particularly after some years with one type, I wonder about the conditioned reflex aspect in an emergency. As for the test you refer to, for much the same reason I wonder if that is really reliable. You were expecting to have to brake. It could be different when just driving, carefully of course, but not specifically thinking about braking at any particular time. An interesting question, however

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I'm starting to get the impression that many readers are confused or severely uncoordinated, and that may be the reason for big brotherly advice from the IAM, etc. never to attempt to left foot brake. I see no difficulty at all in using my left foot for two different functions, just as I use my right foot for two different functions. You can't race or rally a car with any chance of winning without left foot braking, and you can't drive a go-kart at all. You cannot even pass your driving test in Finland without left foot braking. So why do so many people appear to have such great difficulty in doing something obvious? It's obtuse to have two legs, yet insist on using only one of them to control two pedals.
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