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I got stopped in the week by a police ANPR patrol. It turned out some idiot at my garage had missed one digit when he replaced a cracked rear number plate. The police soon cleared matters up. While I was waiting at the roadside I could not help noticing the large number of vehicles carrying foreign number plates that passed by the police checkpoint. I don't mean tourists, but vans with Eire number plates full of building workers. I asked the copper why he didn't he stop some of those vehicles. He replied he did not have any brief to and moreover he could not check foreign number plates to see if they were stolen. The cop said it was a big racket and that some people running these vehicles were getting away with murder, avoiding the Congestion Tax, not having insurance, etc. The cop said it was a crook’s dream. Surely something should be done about this loophole.

Asked on 19 September 2010 by VF, Ewhurst, Surrey

Answered by Honest John
Too complicated and time-consuming. Far more efficient to persecute and fine the relatively honest people who register their cars to their own addresses.
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