Tracking problems on a Peugeot 207

I've owned my Peugeot 207 since April 2011, and its been back to the dealership a number of times nw in an attempt to resolve an ongoing issue with the tracking.

The car clearly pulls quite noticeably to the left all the time.

The garage have tested the calibration of the tracking and according to them it's spot on.

This may be true, but never the less its still pulling badly left, so much that I've just recently replaced the front near side tyre so was really badly worn on the outside there's clearly somthing wrong.

I'm getting nowhere with the garage..any suggestions.

Asked on 29 December 2011 by RICHARD1903

Answered by Honest John
If the front n/s tyre was badly worn on the outside edge that would be from you correcting the 'pull' to the left, indicating that there was something fundamentally wrong with the tracking. The reason could be a bent suspension component from the car being tied down during transportation. I'd get it rechecked by and if they can fix it, sue the supplying dealer for the cost using the small claims track of the county court.
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