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S-Max EcoBoost engine issue

Began to have a loss of power around 10,000 miles ago (car is only 8 months old). Now at 25,000 miles it has started to display and engine malfunction warning under hard acceleration. It has a fairly new EcoBoost engine.

When the light is on it has extremely low power with no acceleration until the engine is powered off and restarted. Original Ford dealer said no DTC codes to explain loss of power and it felt OK to drive to them.

However it happens every time you accelerate hard from a standstill without fail. It's very dangerous as it also sometimes does it entering a motorway under hard acceleration resulting in aborting the manouver and lots of flashing from trucks and cars as you then cant accelerate into the space you were seeking. Is there any higher power in Ford I can go to? It's spoiling an otherwise marvellous car.

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Might be a failed or dirty mass airflow sensor. Please keep me informed because you are probably uniquely the only driver to have yet clocked up 25,000 miles with one of these.
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