Dodge Avenger

I am looking to buy a Dodge Avenger 2008. Found one for £6000 which I'm quite pleased with. Just got 2 Questions if any one can help.

1. Are Dodge parts generally expensive? I am a bit clueless to the US range of cars in this country.
2. The engine in the model i am looking to buy is the VW 2.0 Diesel, it is currently on 33,400 miles. What are the intervals for timing belts and how much generally to change one?

Asked on 7 December 2011 by Clinton

Answered by Honest John
Rare car so parts will be hard to get, you won't see much help from FIAT that now runs Chrysler, so you may have to get the parts from the USA.

VAG says timing belt, tensioner and waterpump every 4 years or 40k miles. These cars are cheap for many reasons.
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Looks American, if that's what you want. Well equipped for the price.

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