Buying a family saloon

I'm new to this site and must apologise if my question has been answered. I need to buy a family saloon car as we are expecting our first child. The car needs to be reliable, solid and provide good miles per gallon.

I am looking to spend around £10k on the car. Which of the following models would be my best buy? 2007 Audi A4, 2007 BMW 320d or 2008 Honda Accord. Also how reliable are the Audi A4 tiptronic as I have been told pre 2006 had serious issues. Also the car needs to be a diesel as I do a fair amount of miles for work.

Asked on 7 November 2011 by Bolton18

Answered by Honest John
The Accord is not only the youngest, but is also likely to be the most reliable of these. Audi Multitronics (not Tiptronics) have always been good to drive but have shown up a lot of problems.
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