Head gasket problem

While driving in France a couple of weeks ago a warning buzzer sounded together with a STOP command and 'engine overheating' display on the instrument panel.

The water temperature gauge shot into the red zone and I depressed the clutch and started to slow down. Within a few seconds the temperature had retuned to normal and the engine warning switched off. Everything returned to normal and I continued on our journey.

When I arrived at our destination I left the car to cool down for a couple of hours before checking the coolant resovoir. On removing the cap I found engine oil in the water. No sign of water around the oil filler cap. On returning to England I contacted the local Renault dealer and the service manager said it was the first time he had heard of this occuring. The car has 130,000 on the clock. Cam belt changed at 72,000 and new EGR valve at 106,000. Any advice on best way forward to fix this problem?

Asked on 6 November 2011 by Shiraz

Answered by Honest John
Might be head gasket, though if it had been I don't think you'd have got back. Might be the waterpump.
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