Replacement for a Focus?

We will be replacing our 2001 Focus Estate Ghia 1.8 (85,000 miles, average condition) soon.

We’ve been quite happy with the Focus, so will by another Focus estate. We’re looking to spend £7 – 10K for a second hand one, including whatever p/x we can get.

Not sure on which engine size to go for. Usually the car does a lot of city driving, short runs, but some weekends it does longer motorway journeys and a drive down France every year.

On these runs the car is quite loaded up, but we only occasionally tow a small, light trailer.

We would consider an auto, but are not sure if the engines are powerful enough.

Economy is quite important, as is as low as practical vehicle duty tax, the current Focus is £200 plus/year. Is November a good time to do a deal? What age, mileage, p/x value do you think we can expect and what model/ engines/ transmission would you recommend?

Asked on 21 October 2011 by cyco

Answered by Honest John
You need petrol for this sort of use. Focus diesels used for short runs suffer DPF problems.

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