Fault Code P0715 on a Peugeot 206

I have a Y reg Peugeot 206 with a P0715 error. It has an auto box.

A month ago it started to develop a problem where once you start the car and drive for a few seconds it would jerk and the winter and sport setting lights would flash. The car would go into a limp mode until you switched the car off and on again after a few second and it would keep happening.

Someone suggested it was a sensor. So I changed the select sesor on the top of the box and changed the gearbox oil. It worked better but still not as good and the limp mode would still happen every time I drove the car.

I've recently changed the pressure sensor which was showing signs of leaking but it has not helped at all. Now the car has come with a P0715 code error and the car only goes forward in all settings even in N and P positions. Need to know what sensor to change for get it working again.

Asked on 20 October 2011 by CQubed

Answered by Alan Ross
Well P0715 is showing as Input/Turbine speed sensor faulty.
The probable causes are:
Transmission speed sensor circuit is open or short
Poor transmission speed sensor circuit connection- faulty transmission speed sensor.
Would suggest you check out the connections/circuits first, if all ok change the sensor.
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