Replacement for a 530d

I drive a 2004 530DSE which is high spec and has done 120k. I am soon to retire and will no longer need to cover the distance I previously travelled.

I will still undertake journeys of 300 miles each way several times a year and would like the same level of driving experience (and luxury) as the BMW offers. I don't really need a car as large as the 5 Series but will usually travel with my wife and dog (and luggage) so a minimum of 2+2.

I will be looking to px and add around £5k-£6k. I am not worried whether it is petrol or diesel but would like it to average 40 mpg (ish) on a long run. What would you recommend?

Asked on 29 September 2011 by markrom

Answered by Honest John
A 320D. The 4 cylinder petrol engined 3-Series have been suffering coil and injector problems, while the diesels have been becoming more reliable.
Dear Honest John,

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Superb to drive. Great handling and steering. Upmarket image. Economical diesel engines culminating in amazingly efficient 320d Efficient Dynamics at 109g/km of CO2.


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