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I have owned my 2003 Jaguar XJ6 3.0 petrol auto for 5 relatively trouble free years and I am pleased with the car. It is not expensive to run (average 30mpg on Shell V Power) and I receive exceptional service from Rybrook Jaguar. I drive about 9,000 miles a year on shortish journeys, although never less than 5 miles (as you advise) even if I have to go the long way around. Do you think I should keep the XJ, or change now for a newer similar or smaller car, although I think I would miss the cars performance, comfort and style if I did change. I have read your FAQ's re: Petrol vs. Diesel and I think if I do change I should go with petrol, would you agree? I would like to stay with Jaguar and like the XF but have been told it would be foolish to buy anything but a diesel in this model. What do you think?

Asked on 24 April 2010 by J.A., Merseyside

Answered by Honest John
Jaguar has just introduced an XF 3.0V6 at the bargain basement price of £29,900, though the spec is anything but bargain basement, with colour satnav, leather, etc., etc. Some details here:
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