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Left foot braking

I have long disagreed with your assertion that the left foot should be used to brake when driving an automatic, mainly because the distance ones foot is moved is pretty much the same for both feet, and because of the additional braking afforded by the engine having come off the gas.

I was, however, on an off-road driving course recently and, as I was driving an auto, mentioned this subject to the instructor. His response was surprising: modern traction control systems are not set up for braking while applying power, doing so could confuse the system and result in uncertain consequences.

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If I did not left foot brake then there would have been a dead motorcycle taxi rider and dead passenger on Sukhumvit opposite soi 11 on 28th March. The taxi rider did a U turn across the front of the moving car. As it was, left foot braking, I stopped within a foot and they both survived.
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