Problem changing gear

I have a Nissan Micra 1998.

I changed the clutch cable a few weeks ago and since then I have a problem moving the gearstick into gear. There is no gear grinding or anything like that, the gear stick just wont go into the gear position.

It takes me a few attempts before it will go in. It seems to be OK when I start driving but after a while of driving it starts. Also when I press the clutch pedal down I hear a sort of grinding noise.

Asked on 19 September 2011 by westburry

Answered by Alan Ross
Who Actually changed the clutch cable? Did they make sure that it was adjusted correctly as it sounds as though it is not.

If it is correct and you are getting a noise from the clutch then it could be the clutch release bearing or the actual pressure plate. If so this will require substantial repairs and should be undertaken by a garage/dealership.
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