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LED light positioning

I recently drove several miles of busy M25 behind, beside and ahead of a Porsche SUV which had those new LED 'eyebrows.'

When he was behind me he changed lanes several times without signalling: it happens all the time, however when we were at a standstill I saw he was indeed indicating, but the turn signal was one tiny orange LED which was overpowered by the line of bright white ones.

This could be dangerous in other circumstances - if running lights are to be compulsory, surely there must be some regulation about their positioning relative to other lights? Or have our superb lawmakers done it again? And don't manufacturers check these things?

Asked on 18 July 2011 by MrBerlingo

Answered by Honest John
I agree. I think DRLs should be separate from the headlights and indicators and the best place for them is low down where fog lights used to be. Rhe EC DRL Directive doesn't seem to specify.
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