Oil leak diagnosis

I've replaced the cam seal on this engine (a TUD) along with cam belt and tensioner. Once it started I got oil running down from the tensioner bracket - is it a head gasket problem? I've also got foaming going on in the radiator.

Asked on 20 June 2011 by t3 minivan

Answered by Alan Ross
Very Difficult to diagnose without seeing it.
However you would not get oil leaking from the head gasket. The foaming you describe sounds worrying, would suggest that you carry out a compression test on the engine to check if all is ok.

If you have 2 low compressions side by side, ie 1 and 2 cylinders, or 2 and 3 cylinders, etc. then you may have a head gasket that has broken.

As for the oil leak, if you didn't have it before you changed the cam seal then it would appear that you have done something wrong whilst replacing it.
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