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I’ve driven my parents cars for 5 years and am now in a position to buy my own. However, given my age and new recent employment I feel I’d like to skip the typical stages of car purchasing (e.g. First car; Corsa, Fiesta, second car; Golf, Polo, maybe even third; Audi A3?!)

I’m looking for something fun, slightly ‘different’ but still suitable for long journeys and ideally under 13k.

I’ve been particularly drawn to sports coupes such as the Alfa Romeo Brera and BMW Z4 coupe, both of which are obtainable in reasonable condition second hand.

I wonder if you could recommend any other similar vehicles, and also, how bad is the steering on the Z4 coupe? Thanks.

Asked on 22 April 2011 by jexped

Answered by Honest John
The steering on the Z4 coupe can be fixed with the right tyres and the right tweaks. Good car to go for with the 3.0 litre engine. Stunning looks. Could soon start appreciating as a modern classic.
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Interesting styling, Q4 V6 is an entertaining drive, Brera S sounds superb.
Stunning, gorgeous looks. Z4M is very quick in a straight line. Classic shape and scarcity means that by 2014 values were on the rise.

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