What Bluetooth reversing camera would you recommend for a motorhome?

I am looking to buy a Bluetooth reversing camera for my motorhome.
I have read lots of mixed reviews regarding connectivity, signal loss etc especially due to the length of a motorhome. I don’t want to feed wires through or under so hoping you can recommend a good one for me.

Asked on 18 January 2024 by Nigel

Answered by David Ross
As you rightly point out, the main issue with wireless reversing cameras for motorhomes is the distance between the screen by the driver and the camera at the rear may be long enough to result in a poor signal between the two. A wired camera set up avoids this issue, but if you do not wish to fit a wired camera or have one fitted, we would suggest looking at a wireless camera from Auto Vox who have a range of cameras at various price points.
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