I've seen a camper for sale but have been told it was under a leaseback contract, is this right?

I am in the market to buy a campervan and saw one offered by a company online that have campers, motorhome and industrial machinery. When I enquired after a particular vehicle I received a reply stating

'This motorhome was under a leaseback contract, but the owner was unable to pay his monthly installments to our company.....We are selling it at the price listed to recover the remaining debt of the leaseback contract and because we will close the company next year and we take the decision to quickly sell everything because we must pay taxes to HMRC urgently. This is the final price for this motorhome with no other liabilities (debts) or hidden taxes to our company'

Is this legit?

Asked on 17 November 2023 by David Barnett

Answered by David Ross
This sounds as if the motorhome is currently under a finance agreement, and unless the finance is settled it is not possible for the vehicle to be sold. You could verify the financial status with a vehicle history check, but we would suggest caution in a situation such as this.
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