Where can I find a replacement wiper motor for a Hyundai Terracan?

I own a 55 plate Hyundai Terracan, the engine is beautiful and purrs or so I am told, so it's not a vehicle I want to scrap as it's used for winter travel to my horses.

My issue is the windscreen wiper motor for the front wipers has failed on me a couple of times and made me nervous of using the truck. My mechanic has done what he can but has said it really needs a new motor.

I've tried Hyundai dealers and they have told me the part is discontinued. I've written several times to Hyundai Customer Services who basically just offer no help whatsoever.

I've tried looking at 2nd hand and have basically nearly been the victim of a scam and ripped off.

Surely Hyundai have some duty to help owners of they vehicles to keep them on the road?

Asked on 11 September 2023 by AngWB

Answered by David Ross
Unfortunately parts supply for older vehicles can be an issue, and although Hyundai is a large global manufacturer the Terracan had very limited sales success in Europe and was only available for four years in the UK, which may be contributing to the lack of dealer support.

Your only option may be to track down a replacement wiper motor yourself. This would be easier if you can get the part number from your mechanic or by examining the wiper motor yourself. You can try owner's clubs and forums, online auction sites, breaker's yards or online parts warehouses to try and source the part. It may require some time and effort, but with a bit of luck you will be able to locate one.
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