A website called car-rate.co.uk has charged me a £100 fee - how do I contest this?

www.car-rate.co.uk have hit me with £100 fee. Can I contest as I do not remember using this site?

Asked on 30 March 2023 by Paul Winstanley

Answered by David Ross
We have been contacted by several Honest John readers who have had problems with this website - we published a story on this in October 2022 and the lead officer on motor trade matters at the Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) said the website does not comply with best practice as the terms and conditions are 'verging on not being readable'.

You could dispute the charge with the company, but we have tried contacting the website and have found the contact form to be unresponsive and the customer service email address refusing to accept incoming messages.

If you feel you have a case we would suggest contact Trading Standards or the Citizen's Advice Bureau.
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