ULEZ-compliant substitute for my Peugeot 406 estate?

I have a 1999 Peugeot 406 diesel estate. It has 160k miles on the clock and I bought it for £2000 12 years ago. The expansion of the London ULEZ means that I have to change it, I really don't want to, but the daily ULEZ fees would be unsustainable. Can anyone please suggest any car that can match the cabin roominess and comfort, load space, durability and longevity of my beloved 406? I have a budget of £2000.

Asked on 5 September 2022 by Anthony Mills

Answered by Andrew Brady
If you can find one, a petrol Toyota Avensis estate sounds like the ideal option. It'll be spacious, comfortable and should prove to be very reliable. It'll be thirstier than your 406 and 700 miles from a tank won't be realistic - but you're not going to get a sub-£2k ULEZ-compliant car that can do that, unfortunately.

A Ford Mondeo could be a good alternative - there are more about so you can be picky about finding one in good condition and with evidence of regular servicing. Also consider a Volvo V70 - they're very comfortable and spacious, but not particularly economical and might be more expensive to run.
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