Why do you advise against left foot braking?

You recently advised against left foot braking, I completely disagree. I am a qualified advanced driver with over 50 years experience and I use left foot braking. The left foot is dedicated to the brake pedal and can braking can be executed much faster than having to lift off the throttle and transfer the right foot to the brake. Furthermore in certain circumstances I use the both feet at the same time, enabling a smooth transition from acceleration to braking. Learnt properly and safely this is a useful technique. Once the brain has fully adapted, emergency braking is much faster.

Asked on 24 January 2022 by Johnfrog

Answered by Dan Powell
Left foot braking may work for a small number of skilled drivers, but it isn't something I would recommend for everyone.

As mentioned in my original answer, braking times increase because of the effort required to transfer your left foot from the footrest to the brake. What's more, if you brake with your left foot in an auto, there is a high chance you may mistake the clutch for the brake when attempting to slow down in a manual car.

I appreciate skilled drivers can master left foot braking very quickly. But when it comes to giving general driving advice to millions of motorists, I will always recommend using your right foot for braking.
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