Long waiting time for a car repair - what can we do?

My friend has a 2017 Suzuki Ignis (owned since new). For the second time, a front coil spring has broken (not the same one), rendering the car undrivable. The last time this happened (last year), the car was off the road for six weeks, as it took Suzuki that long to get the part. They are again saying that this is the case. Apparently, there are six vehicles at that dealer awaiting the same part.

On the previous occasion, the car was in warranty so the Suzuki dealer provided a courtesy car (after a couple of weeks and much wrangling), but because it is out of warranty now that is not on offer. The vehicle is at an independent garage now.

Any ideas for how to expedite getting the replacement part and/or making Suzuki provide a courtesy car? Needless to say, she won’t be buying a Suzuki again.

Asked on 16 September 2021 by

Answered by Dan Powell
I sympathise with your friend's situation. But post-covid supply chain issues will be outside of the Suzuki dealer's control. The pandemic and its various lockdowns will have caused significant problems with the production of new cars and spare parts. I doubt Suzuki is the only carmaker affected by this issue.

If the car has been taken to an independent garage then your friend will not be entitled to anything from the dealer that sold the car. If your friend does decide to use the Suzuki dealer then it will (probably) be first in line for the replacement springs. But a good quality independent Suzuki specialise may be able to source these parts from a different supplier and fix the car sooner and cheaper.

I'd suggest calling a few garages. Our Good Garage Guide may be able to assist: good-garage-guide.honestjohn.co.uk/
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