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The front section of the glass roof of our Audi A2 has broken. An Audi dealership quoted £3,000 for a replacement. Ludicrous, but we should like to keep this vehicle, which is run as a second car for its classic design, aluminium body, economy, relative green credentials, etc., I have tried everywhere to get it repaired, without success. Have you any suggestions? Audi is prepared to make a contribution, however frankly this does not make the repair anymore realistically priced. We acknowledge that the car is out of warranty, but feel on an otherwise perfect car this damage should not have occurred and the offer of a contribution from Audi Customer Care surely reinforces this? Comprehensive glass insurance does not cover the roof.

Asked on 5 December 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
Same thing happened to the front section of the panoramic glass roof of my FIAT 500. Probably something dropped off a plane. Fixed very quickly (and perfectly) by the FIAT dealer I bought it from. Your problem is that your roof is a rare part of a rare car. Probably needs to be specially made. Might be worth seeing if Autoglass or someone like that can obtain or have the part made more cheaply. Another alternative might be to fit a solid roof.
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