Can run-flat tyres with a puncture be repaired?

Can a Pirelli run-flat tyre with a nail in the tread be repaired?

Asked on 15 June 2021 by Alexander Nicol

Answered by Georgia Petrie
For pretty much all run-flat tyres, the general consensus is no, they cannot be repaired. Kwik Fit's website says: "Tyre manufacturers advise not to repair these tyre models for a very important reason. Thanks to their reinforced design, it can be difficult to spot any secondary damage that has occurred as a result of a puncture. In other words, any potential harm to the tyre wall may be masked by the added strength of the tyre. Simply by assessing the tyre, it can be impossible to tell if a motorist has continued to drive their car at an unsafe speed or for too many miles after the puncture occurred, therefore compromising the overall structure and safety of the tyre. Because of this uncertainty, carrying out minor repairs to run flats can be a waste of money to the vehicle owner or, even worse, it can prove to be dangerous. At Kwik Fit, we don’t offer to repair run flats for this reason. In order to comply with manufacturer guidance and to help keep our customers safe, we replace punctured run flats instead."

National Tyres also doesn't repair run-flat tyres for the same reason.
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