Why doesn't everyone use all-season tyres?

Is there a good reason that all drivers shouldn't be using all-season tyres?

Asked on 7 May 2021 by Alan Miller

Answered by Georgia Petrie
All-season tyres aren't right for everybody. Most drivers get all-season tyres to prevent them from having to switch from summer to winter tyres. Essentially, these tyres are able to grip the warm dry roads of summer but also work well on colder winter days. The rubber mix used in these tyres is designed to function well at temperatures both below and above zero degrees Celsius. In milder climates such as that of the UK, where the summers are rarely exceptionally hot and winter snowfall is light in most regions, these tyres are seen as a good compromise. They also work very well in the wet. All-season tyres can also be more comfortable and offer longer tread-wear.

However, there are a few factors you must take into consideration before you decide whether all-season tyres are right for you. Firstly, if winter conditions are harsh and result in frequent snow or ice in your location (like some parts of Scotland), then it's probably wiser to opt for winter tyres. Secondly, all-season tyres are a compromise as they don’t need to be changed every six months or so when the seasons change — which can result in lower costs — but means they won't match the performance of winter tyres in wintry conditions or of summer tyres in dry conditions.
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