Why does my DAB radio fail when my phone charger is plugged into the cigarette lighter?

My 2016 basic model Audi A1 has no sensible space for my mobile phone which I use for sat nav. Where would you recommend is the safest position? Also, why when my phone charger is plugged into the cigarette lighter does my DAB radio fail? Thanks so much.

Asked on 7 April 2021 by Elizabeth Finneran

Answered by Georgia Petrie
I know the air vents in that model are round so you may have to look specifically with that in mind, but I'd look at getting a magnetic phone holder that clips onto the air vent. As for the charger, the cable is potentially interfering with the DAB signal. You might need a better charger with proper suppression. I'd buy a higher quality charger and see how you get on.
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