Our cloned reg plate is racking up tickets on an uninsured car. What do we do?

We received a letter from the police today stating that our car was spotted in Wales this week and isn't insured. The number plates supplied were our old number plates, which were removed from our car in December when we put our personalised plates on (brought from DVLA). I can prove the plates are not on the car and also where it was on that date via the Volvo app. What would you recommend I do?

Asked on 22 February 2021 by minioneman

Answered by Georgia Petrie
You'll need to return the tickets or fines to the issuing authority explaining that these don't relate to your vehicle because your plate has been cloned (it's a crime that's on the rise, so we're getting more and more reports of cloned reg plates). You should include any evidence you have which could prove that this is the case - the Volvo app should be sufficient to prove you were elsewhere. We also recommend you contact the DVLA who will keep this on record.
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