Will an aftermarket towbar void my warranty?

I'm looking to get an aftermarket tow bar on my car. One of the companies is offering 'standard wiring' or 'vehicle specific' for £150 extra. Is it necessary? I emailed my car's manufacturer and they told me unofficially that towbars were prohibitively expensive and to look at non-brand as it won't affect the warranty. Is this the case?

Asked on 20 January 2021 by Hirwain

Answered by Georgia Petrie
I think the keyword here is 'unofficially'. If it were me, I would speak directly to the warranty provider (if it isn't the manufacturer) about whether a non-brand, aftermarket towbar could void your warranty. If you get hit from behind and the towbar causes damage, the insurer may also take the view that they won't cover damages as the towbar wasn't vehicle specific. It's fine and well telling you to save your money because they're expensive, but they certainly won't help you cover the potential future costs if something does go wrong.
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