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Should I pay a private parking fine?

For the last 30 years, I've been using the Halfords near me. Recently, they have signs from UKPS that you can't park on the left side of the building. Halfords have sold this land to a neighbour's business. I foolishly thought this was for out of hours parking. I have been snapped on two consecutive Saturdays parking there. The notice is for £100, reduced to £60 if I pay in 14 days or less. I think this is a scam between Halfords and the new landowner. Should I pay or not?

Asked on 3 December 2020 by mikewiththemmtyaris

Answered by Georgia Petrie
You should pay it or they will aim to recover the fees. You can choose not to pay, but you'll get an even higher fine for the delay. You've admitted you parked there after misreading the signs and got charged. If it wasn't signposted properly, you could argue that. But you saw the signs and still parked there.
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