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Does rapid charging damage electric vehicles?

Does the rapid charging of electric cars have any significant detrimental effects, i.e. shortening the battery's life?

Asked on 30 November 2020 by macroeman

Answered by Keith Moody
Manufacturers often warn that regular rapid charging can harm the long-term life of the battery. To some degree, it's an example of them being cautious - so little is known about how long batteries will last car makers want to make sure they're covered if anything goes wrong. But the evidence doesn't really support this. Early adopters of the Nissan Leaf who used them as Taxis (and regularly rapid charged them) have reported no ill-effects of regular rapid charging in the first 100,000 miles - although, this is not a comprehensive study. Whereas Tesla will actively limit the rapid charge speed of a battery that's had 'too many' supercharges. Meaning you can still use a supercharger, it just won't be as quick. As always, if you're thinking about getting an EV, we'd recommend putting in place a way of charging them at home (a wall box is ideal). If you live in a flat, lampost charging could be an option but this is hardly a nationwide scheme.
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