Can I put all-weather tyres just on the back wheels?

I need two new tyres for my 2014 Volkswagen Golf and am thinking of getting Michelin Cross Climate+. The existing tyres are Hankook Ventus Prime2 205/55/R16. Should I put the new tyres on the back or the front? I can't afford to buy a full set of tyres at the moment, unfortunately! Garages always seem to recommend putting the new ones on the back - but I'm not sure about fitting all-weather ones. Thanks for any advice.

Asked on 24 November 2020 by David Everett

Answered by Dan Powell
I would strongly advise against mixing all-season tyres with your existing worn summer tyres. This will destabilise the car and make it very difficult to drive in low-grip conditions - because the front/rear of the vehicle will have significantly less grip. If you want all-season tyres then you must replace all four with Michelin Cross Climate+ tyres. Never mix and match.
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