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Can you recommend some all-season run-flat tyres?

My wife hit a rock in the dark and totally destroyed two tyres. I was going to switch to all-season tyres on replacement anyway, so this might be a good time. The car is a Lexus UX 250H TAKUMI, tyre size 225/50 RF 18 95V. Is it possible to get run-flats in this size for all-season use and, if so, which would you recommend? I need run-flats as they are original equipment on this car and they tonight have allowed her to limp home 50 miles on a puncture.

Thanks Bill

Asked on 18 November 2020 by william smitham

Answered by Georgia Petrie
With regards to the tyre size you mention, I'd suggest Goodyear Eagle Sport All Season, Pirelli P7 Cinturato All Season or Bridgestone Turanza EL450. I can't suggest one of the three as better than the others as I haven't personally tested any of them. There's very little between the pricing, though you'll see there's an offer at Black Circles for the Goodyear tyres (I'll attach the link here too). If I were you, I'd have a look at each tyre at the link I've attached and see which ones offer what you want. For example, the Bridgestone have a B rating for wet weather grip, compared to a C rating for the other two. But the Goodyear are the quietest and are part of a multibuy offer currently:
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