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Why is there an anti-pollution warning light on my car?

I have a Peugeot 206 CC 2.0-litre Sport. I left it in gear when I got out of the car. When I started it again I forgot it was still in gear. Later, the engine management light came on and anti-pollution fault flashed up on the screen. Could the vibrations from starting it cause the sensors to react and cause the above?

Asked on 26 November 2020 by Rudi

Answered by Keith Moody
This warning light could relate to any number of faults. Fixing it could be a case of just cleaning or replacing the air filter, but you could also find that you need to replace a sensor. You'll need to get it checked out by a garage that can read the fault code and ideally has some experience of dealing with this issue. The car won't pass an MoT unless that warning light goes out.
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