Should I swap my run-flats for standard tyres?

Mercedes tells me I should not replace my factory fitted run-flat tyres with ordinary summer tyres because the cars suspension has been set up for run-flats. The run-flats are small profile, resulting in a hard ride. The summer tyres on smaller rims are higher profile giving me a more comfortable ride. Should I keep the run-flats and live with the firmer ride?

Asked on 29 October 2020 by John Southall

Answered by Georgia Petrie
It's important that you know whether Mercedes-Benz is saying that as a suggestion or as a potential warranty issue. Although run-flats are improving, we still get complaints from owners who want to swap to summer tyres for a more comfortable ride. I would check whether the tyre swap might invalidate your warranty first. Once you know that, you can make the decision.
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