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I would dearly like to locate my dear 1967 1,098cc Austin A40, which was a little gem when I had it 40 years ago and did many miles of wonderful, faultless touring around parts of England and Scotland when I first married. I have the original V60 logbook and I would really like to see if I could purchase it for a hobby car as retirement nears. If not, then at the very least perhaps the present owner would like her to be reunited with the logbook. Any advice how I can go about finding it would be most appreciated.

Asked on 16 May 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
www.carsandownersreunited.com , www.motors-reunited.co.uk , and www.classic-cars-reunited.co.uk all attempt to re-unite people with cars they owned in the past.
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