Why is my car drinking so much oil?

I own a 2014 Kia Sportage 1. Mileage is 48,000 and it's regularly serviced by Kia. Last year, six months after its service, the oil light showed on the display so I topped it up. I checked just before the following service and the oil level was between the two dipstick markers. The oil light is on again today, 10 months after service. Is this normal? I’ve never had a car with this amount of oil consumption! Kia has said it’s normal.

Asked on 22 October 2020 by Mike

Answered by Keith Moody
We do get reports of Kia's with an oil drinking problem, but there could be a couple of variables here that are making it hard to get a clear reading. The first thing is to check that both you and the dealer are using the correct grade of oil. The second thing to do is ask the dealer to measure how much oil comes out of it, and how much they put it (and cross-reference it with the capacity of the oil sump and make a note of the mileage). Why is this important? Well, the dealer might not have filled it up all the way. You also don't mention the sort of mileage you're covering in between services, which will be a big factor in oil use. That said, Kia does have a 'generous' allowance for its oil tolerance - I think it's something like one litre every 1000 miles (whereas with other manufacturers it's 0.5 litres/1000). Once you've got a proper baseline established, you'll be able to assess the situation properly. It goes without saying that oil levels should be checked when the engine is cold and on a level surface, but you may also want to visually inspect for oil leaks.
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