Is an extended warranty worth buying?

If you buy a used car from a big dealer in the UK, can you trust that they have done the proper checks on the gearbox etc? And would it be worth getting the extended warranty, as I read online that it's not worth the paper it is written on?

Asked on 21 October 2020 by Eloise Brown

Answered by Dan Powell
Most car dealers will offer a mechanical inspection. Some will make a big deal out of how many checks they make, but it's important to note that a 120-point check isn't necessarily better than just a 60-point one - it's the scope of what they're checking that really matters. A good car retailer will sell the car with a 6-12 month warranty. If they don't, you can hold them liable for any major faults that develop within the first six months - that's because the faults are deemed developing or present at the time of sale.

The key to finding a good extended warranty is found in the list of inclusions and exclusions. A warranty that excludes most of the major mechanical parts will leave you with lots of expensive bills. For our extended warranty guide, see:
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