Can you advise on a good, simple dash camera?

After having been subjected to reckless harassment on the motorway yesterday, I'm considering purchasing front and rear in-car cameras. I should appreciate if you recommend a good but relatively simple in-car camera system. With very many thanks.

Asked on 16 October 2020 by Alison Darling

Answered by Georgia Petrie
There are a few good, simple dash cams but you don't mention a budget. I'd recommend a Nextbase 412GW as a simple, reputable option - though it's getting on a bit now. You can read our review here:

If you have more to spend, a Nextbase 322GW or Gamin 55 would work too. Garmin 55 review here:

There are also other dash cams that're cheaper - which we haven't tested but hear good things about. This one, for example:

I wouldn't go cheaper than about £30 as anything less than that will be unreliable. My advice is to read the customer reviews on Amazon, too. And you'll likely need to buy a Micro SD card as some of the cheaper dash cams don't come with them as standard. If you want the camera hardwired, Halfords is your best bet.
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