Should I get a bigger motorbike or a maxi scooter?

I live in Cyprus and want a maxi scooter it mainly for going to work (city), but I'm also using the highway for about 15km to go to work and another 15km highway to return home. I'm 1.6m tall, 61 kg, 44 years old, very fit and doing a lot of sports. I want to use my new scooter as much as possible in my daily activities all year round. I also want to ride city to city (highway) or mountain rides on weekends. I bought the Honda PCX125 in February 2020, and I am really happy with it for the city, but I need a stronger scooter for going on longer rides (and sometimes carrying another person more comfortably. Option one is to sell the PCX125 and buy a 300cc scooter. Option two is to keep the PCX125 and buy another bigger motorbike e.g. 500-750cc just for the weekends. Which one do you recommend? If option one, which scooter do you advise: Yamaha XMAX 300 or Forza 300. I'd appreciate your opinion. Thanks.

Asked on 9 October 2020 by Nicholas M

Answered by Georgia Petrie
Hi Nicholas, as for option 1 or 2, only you can make that choice. Personally, I'd probably get a 125cc scooter for urban commuting and then I'd get a bigger motorbike for the weekends and higher-speed highway/motorway riding. But that suits me as someone who doesn't regularly take passengers. Also, you might find that your height makes these larger 300 scooters harder to navigate as they're quite big. If you're used to having your foot down when stopped, you'll have to adjust to the height of a larger scooter. If you're wanting to do activities and carry passengers, though, a maxi-scooter will be able to offer more storage, practicality and comfort than a 125cc and a bigger motorbike as neither offer much storage without the addition of pannier bags and top boxes.

Both scooters are very good, you can read our reviews of both below.

Honda Forza 300:

Yamaha XMAX 300:
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