I have just had my Citroen C5 MoTd. As always my neighbour is a mechanic and we go over all the MoT requirements before the test. Today it failed on excessive play in the lower ball joint. Yesterday we checked this a no play was evident. So in driving 4 miles this wear became excessive. They want £100 to do this or £26 for a retest if we do the work ourselves. Who do I contact to check this is not a scam for extra work? I did get an AA reduction of £17 on the test. It also failed on the passenger wiper blade not clearing the windscreen. These were new blades so I challenged them and showed the mechanic it cleared OK he said it didn't when he tested it but he agreed it was OK now. Help.

Asked on 11 April 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
Report it to www.vosa.gov.uk Take it to a VOSA truck testing / ESVA testing station to have it counter tested for the fault. You will then have the evidence that the testing station was performing a scam, and if VOSA will not take action you can report the MoT station to local Trading Standards.
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