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A friend of mine told me that the problem I have just experienced in a 2.8 litre Iveco motorhome, is common with diesel engines. We bought the vehicle when it had just been serviced and MOT'd in September. We have driven it to Brighton, to Walton-on-Naze and lastly up to Scotland at the New Year. We have driven it just over 1,000 miles. The turbo broke down and we had to be low-loaded back to our home in Croydon by the RAC. My friend said it was because I had simply stopped the engine without letting it idle for several minutes after the runs. I've not got a vehicle handbook and the previous owner said nothing about it. He told me off for over-revving as I switched off (which I normally do with my Hyundai petrol engine car), so I didn't do that again, and simply switched off the moment I stopped. We only got 20mpg on the run to Edinburgh from Croydon, which is pretty terrible, and we kept the revs down to 2,500 – 3,000 max. I can't seem to get any help from Iveco. Can you help please?

Asked on 28 February 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
Yes, in a vehicle like this you need to idle a red hot turbo for 2 - 3 minutes before switching off the engine so engine oil will continue to be pumped through it and will cool it. The turbo will be red hot after running on the motorway, after towing or after a long ascent. If you switch it straight off, then the oil in the turbo bearings instantly carbonises and the turbo then spools down with no lubrication to its bearings. If the end of your journey is several miles on the flat at low engine speeds, for example through a town, that will be sufficient to cool down the turbo and no need to idle it before switching off.
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