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Our Renault Twingo has just had its first birthday. Then 36 hours after going in for its birthday service, my wife and son were doing 70 on the motorway by Karlsruhe (we live in Stuttgart) when the bonnet flew up. Fortunately she was able to bring the car to a halt. But because there was no accident, the insurance does not want to know. A warranty issue, they say. The official Renault dealer here in Stuttgart where the service was done (including topping up everything under the bonnet, I noted when we picked the car up) remains stubborn, and says simply, there is no proof it was their fault. True, I suppose. Renault then brought in a specialist from the north of Germany, and FLEW IN one of the Designers from France. As yet, neither we nor the dealer here in Stuttgart have heard from the Experts, and as far as the mechanic is concerned (although we have a bit of a problem with his credibility) they never left the garage with the car to do any test. The bill as it stands for two hinges, a new bonnet, two wings and a new wiper motor reaches €2,000 (at current rates £2,000). Our lawyer says the dealer is prepared to offer €250 towards the bill. We say Thanks but no thanks to your

Asked on 21 February 2009 by

Answered by Honest John
Clear-cut. It's either down to a faulty bonnet release and flimsy (plastic) safety catch, which Renault strenuously denies. Or it's down to lack of maintenance of the bonnet catch. Since the last people to use it were the dealer's own fitters, then they must be held responsible. Either the dealer sold you a faulty car. Or his fitters were negligent over the way they maintained it. I think you stand a very good chance in a German regional court.
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