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Should I replace by 2.0-litre SUV with a smaller engined model?

I have a Tiguan 2013, which I would like to update. I went to a Volkswagen garage yesterday and said I wanted a used 2.0-litre 4x4. They told me I would have to have an automatic but I don't feel confident driving an auto. I have a 2.0-litre now but they tried to tell me to have a 1.5. What do you think?

Asked on 1 July 2020 by Wendy

Answered by Andrew Brady
How many miles do you drive each year? There's no point getting a diesel unless you cover lots of miles (more than 12k a year), mainly on the motorway - or, perhaps, if you need to tow something. There is a 2.0-litre petrol but it's thirsty. The 1.5-litre will suit most drivers very well. Like most manufacturers, Volkswagen is offering smaller, turbocharged petrol engines. These are usually a lot more powerful than you'd expect considering their small capacity.
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