I have an out of warranty fault on a 2015 model. Should the manufacturer help sort them out?

I have a 2015 Peugot 2008 HDI that requires Adblue. It has only done 22,000 miles but it is showing two fault codes relating to the Adblue system which, from what I've seen online, is a common problem with this car and could end up being an expensive repair. It looks like there has been a recall for this model at some point relating to NOx and this car has had a recall done in 2016. Even though the car is out of warranty, does the manufacturer have any responsibility to sort this problem as it seems very poor to have this issue after only 22,000 miles? The codes are P20E8 & P20F6. Thanks in advance.

Asked on 26 June 2020 by Andy N

Answered by Dan Powell
If the car has a full dealer stamped service history then it'll be worth asking them to make a claim on your behalf with Peugeot UK. I do know that some owners have fixed the P20E8 'reductant pressure' fault code by replacing the tank cap - which costs around £20.
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